This is a work in progress, so if anyone feels like leaving any comments to help me fine tune this, i would be greatly appreciated. With that said, lets get this slow motion train wreck started.

Nobody knows the reason, name, or purpose of the city that they live in. Nobody knows why they or their ancestors got there. The one thing they all know is that there is more hidden in this city than anyone can possibly see.

The citizens of this city have, with a hint of black humor, called the city Capsule, in response to the shape and layout of the city. Capsule, as the name implies, has six different levels, each one placed roughly 200 feet above the one below it, with a main support in the center and multiple secondary support beans that double as passages in between each separate level. The city of Capsule also has a thick metal wall of almost impenetrable hardness running the perimeter, effectively enclosing the entire city. These walls also extend 100 feet above the surface of the top level, with walls of force enclosing the top, acting as a sort of impenetrable lid. These levels also have different socio-economic purposes, each one slightly spilling into the levels above and/or below it, as the case may be.

The government of Capsule has been in its current state for roughly the past 75 years, mostly in part of its heavy regulation of the economic situation. Its tri-party system has so far been responsible for keeping the unrest down to a low, but steady rumbling. Their reach, although long and gently used, has recently begun to slowly stir unrest in some of the lower levels of the city.

The main way into the city of Capsule is a number of one way portals that drop off the traveler in any of the many designated receiving stations on the first three levels. There are a few portals that are whispered by the common population that actually work both ways. The one two way portal that is the most well known is tightly controlled by the government. The government uses the two way portal they control to help the economy in check, tightly keeping record of anything that comes in or out, hoping to gain knowledge of any possible uprising’s capabilities. The other two way portal that is only spoken of in whispers at the shady corners of taverns is the one controlled by a small fortress outpost of drow, used as the main tool of a profitable black market.

The Lost City