Cloud Leland


Cloud Leland is the Innkeeper of The Slumbering Druid, one of the most well known inns in the city. A half-janni, or as more widely known, a half-genie, Cloud has been gifted with her mother’s good looks from her janni side, and her father’s human shrewdness when it comes to financial matters. Using her innate abilities of improved invisibility, Cloud keeps a watchful eye on her more “shady” patrons. Even though she has retired from adventuring, she still keeps her adventuring gear, her armor, and her +3 dancing rapier of thundering within easy reach.

The Slumbering Druid, residing on the second level, is unique by the simple fact that the inn is made almost entirely from a giant tree given life by an awaken spell. The Slumbering Druid is owned By Cloud, a Dryad, and the head Druid of Capsule. The only rule in the inn is “live and let live”, referring to the tree itself and its patrons. As such, any fights or damage against the tree is met with extreme force, usually resulting in the offending member being forcefully ejected from the building, by being “spit out” with a gust of wind spell from high altitude if necessary. This has caused The Sleeping Druid to become a sanctuary for creatures of any race or alignment, to the point of being a “diplomatic immunity” from the law while inside.

The Slumbering Druid also offers a secret access route from the third to first levels of the city to any rogues in good standing to Cloud. Being amused to no end by the antics of her former adventurer Mitt “frostfingers”, she has developed a extremely laid back attitude when it comes to other people’s possessions.

Cloud Leland

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