The economy of Capsule is smaller than would be expected, as result of its extremley cut off situation from the rest of the realm. Thankfully, due to the two way portal under control of the government, and the black market portal controlled by the drow in the fourth level of Capsule, there is a rationed amount of goods and services that help keep the Capsule alive.

The exports of Capsule come mainly from the fourth level in the form of rare gems and minerals mined from the numerous tunnels and caverns. While this is not the only export of Capsule, it is the best at gaining revenue for the city, as well as the most requested export, as the gems that are mined from Capsule’s fourth level have a strong affinity for magical items, as well as storing spell power.

The Imports for Capsule are a little more complex than its exports. The main Import that the citizens of Capsule request is spices and exotic foods. After that, there is a strong demand for raw goods that can not be normally obtained from within the city, such as silks, exotic house decorations, supplies to keep the upper and middle classes in comfort, etc. Other than those two main needs, the imports of Capsule is like almost any other city. The government does impose a small tax on all imported goods to generate revenue, but has backed off taxing finished goods because of overwhelming opposition from the citizens, and because it was too much hassle to keep up with the paperwork.

The upkeep of Capsule has had to adapt to pretty extreme standards due to its independent nature. Since Capsule does have a smattering of almost every non-humanoid race residing in the third level, the employment opportunities are creative to say the least. Beholders have cornered the security market with their multiple eyes and flight, and elementals are conscripted to do the dirty work suitable for their type. Mind flayers have made a name for themselves as negotiators, while medusas with finer control over their gaze attacks have taken a unique approach to criminals, encasing them in stone up to their necks to prevent any prison riots.

As for the Population density, the city of Capsule seems to have almost a mind of its own. After multiple government counts, it seems that new arrivals come in roughly 24 hours after a prior resident dies. Nobody seems to know why this happens, or how. Some more “enthusiastic” individuals have tested this by holding mass killings in the lower levels of the city, only to have massive waves of refugees from a war torn kingdom arrive exactly 24 hours later.


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