The government of Capsule currently has a tri party system, which has been effective for the past 75 years. the current government, while the best so far to come into power, still lacks the power to understand the reasons behind Capsule’s existence.

The first party of the government is the party of divine casters, referred as “the Maintainers”. This branch represents mostly Clerics and Druids, with the occasional Bard. They rose to dominate this branch due to the divine spells that help maintain the city from food related spells to creation spells that deal with moving earth.

The second branch of government is the party of the arcane casters, commonly referred as “the creators”. Comprised almost entirely of Wizards and Sorcerers , with a thin smattering of master craftsmen, this branch is the one branch out of the three most closely tied to the economy of Capsule.

The third branch of the government is completely comprised of Psionics, commonly known as “the peoples voice”. This branch was created by an act of the government to appease the common citizens and let them have the opportunity to have a say in what was happening. This has been fine tuned over the past 56 years down to a science. The process has been refined down to a newsletter that is circulated out every week, containing the items on the agenda over the course of the next month. Each citizen is allowed to voice their opinion to a registered government worker of the psionic class. Twice a week, all psionics report in to a central office, where the opinions are tallied and voted on depending on what the general concensious is.


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