The first, and top level of Capsule is the crown jewel of the city, and has become the level of the government and the nobility. The richer families have residences near the outer edge of the level, with most of the inner third of the level carefully cultivated by druids into a massive wildlife refuge and park. The head offices of the legitimate guilds have their headquarters scattered around the level. This level is also the only level to actually see the sun as it passes over the city, and numerous decanters of endless water stationed around the wall provide for adequate water supply for all citizens as it trickles down through the levels. The sun provides light to the lower levels through numerous grates and magic spells through ceilings and floors of the city.

The second level houses the middle class, and most of the marketplaces as well. Most of the stores, crafting halls, and taverns are also scattered around this level.

The third level houses the lower class, and most of the non-humanoid races that live within Capsule. The third level also houses the more disreputable buisnesses, as well as the slums and those who prefer the anonimity that living there brings.

The fourth level has been filled with earth for multiple purposes. The main purpose is to supply Capsule with the basic supplies of lumber, stone, minerals, and food. The food harvested from the fourth level of Capsule comes in the form of giant mushrooms, dire cave insects in place of herding land animals, and any other edible materials that the druids of Capsule an harvest. This food, while sustainable, has much to be desired, to the point where most of the citizens of Capsule prefers old trail rations to the local food, driving up the cost of food seasonings and taxing the casters of the city with a constant demand for create food and water, purify food and drink, and any other spell that relates to food improvement. The unintended purpose for the fourth level is a miniature version of the underdark. The main location of importance in this level is a small drow fortress set up close to a secondary support beam. This drow fortress does include a two way portal to the main drow city of the realm to serve as a black market to circumvent the government.

The fifth level is a maze of tunnels and ruins, which according to the latest and most popular tavern gossip, is all that remains of the city that Capsule originally was. Not much is known about this level, as the tales that people bring back about their adventures vary greatly, as is par with any unexplored dungeon. Tales of unseen monsters, fabulous treasures, and breathtaking sights are always crowd pleasers to pass the time in taverns.

The sixth level has only been seen by a lucky talented few. Tales speak of an untouched level of the city, abandoned by time, occupied by madness. It is almost impossible to separate the lies from the half-truths about this untouched level. Some speak of the sun making its trip across the sky each minute, others swear that entire buildings lift themselves off the ground and glide across entire city blocks. A few will tell about horrible silver giants that change shape and are almost immune to attacks, crushing anything they grab in their claws. The most outlandish story told was yet another level below. Windows showing unknown gods, huge glowing bodies in rooms of sheer darkness, places where you walked on walls, and mummified corpses in bubble clothing was all the original storyteller was supposed to have explained before being grabbed by mysterious people in black robes, and disappearing into the night, never to be heard from again.


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